Welcome To Bali

The Island of the Gods.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the XII ANZI Pacific Forum from September 12 to 14 in 2024 and at the same time our 55th Anniversary Celebration of MD-307 Lions Clubs Indonesia.The forum's Session and Mission is to allow us to exchange ideas which will strengthen our resolve, energise and motivate our personal goals and those of lions Club International.

We will also renew our Friendship after several years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemiy. We have selected Bali Island also known as "The Island of a thousand Temples" for above purpose. It is a place of wonders where beautiful scenery, sight, culture, dance performance and tradition impact almost every aspect of life on the island. It is magical. It is a tropical state of mind. We will offer you an interesting enjoyment that will be remembered by all in the years to come. Looking forward to meet you next September 12-14, 2024 in Bali.


Strength To Strength - Challenging & Inspiring

It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the 12th ANZI Pacific Forum From September 12 to 14, 2024. At the same time our 55th year Anniversary Celebration of MD 307 lions Club Indonesia in Bali. ANZI Pacific Forum (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & South Pacific Island) that brings together Lions of CA7 (Constitutional Area 7) to learn from one another and serve better and improving leadership skill through various Interesting forum seminar.The celebration includes 2 lunches and 3 Dinners accompanied with world class performances depicting the wonderful culture of Bali and Indonesia in general.